Clonakilty Writers Group 24th February 2011
Facillitated by  Alan who tested everyone's limits with a complex 15 minute opening exercise beginning with "On the boat...." and ending with the line " I gazed up at the star Sirius." It was to include a host of characters and despite being so well defined brought forth  diverse and entertaining stories which had stretched everyone's imagination. With a large group of ten members there was just enough time for those with work to make presentations. Work as usual varied, entertaining and emotive. Next meeting on March 10th to be facillitated by Ann.

Clonakilty Writers Group 10th February 2011

Facilitated by LS this time, 9 members present and the opening exercise was to compose a little story/report/poem based on a minimum of 3 newspaper articles, headings and slogans that were given out. The result was hilarious (to put it mildly). Some members used all the articles and a bizarre collection of little stories were read out loud. Cause for a cheery atmosphere! 7 People had brought their work to the group, so different yet so beautiful.
The next meeting is on Thursday 24th February 2011 and the subject is: "What would you change in History.." and "The Fog".  It will be facilitated by Alan. The usual, poetry or prose of a maximum 500/600 words. Contact Clonakilty Library on 0238834275.
Clonakilty Writers Group 13th January 2011
The meeting, facillitated by Laurenza Kelly began with a Minute's silence in memory of Bob Amberson who died just before Christmas. 
The writing exercise was to compose a piece using the five senses as the subject with the usual varied (and not so varied when it came to taste) responses. Individual presentations were delivered  on the basis of the theme set before Christmas with interesting reminiscences and two beautiful poems in memory of Bob Amberson. The themes provided stimulus for a very lively and frank discussion amongst those present, going to show that we do not write in isolation but share many common threads and bonds of inspiration.
The meeting adjourned to Scannell's to give a toast to Bob Amberson.
Next meeting on January 27th to be facilitated by Ann Dinneen.

Clonakilty Writers Group 2nd December was cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Clonakilty Writers Group 18th November 2010
Facilitated by Nick Smith, ten members present and the opening exercise was a brief study of two pictures, Edvard Munch, "Silent Scream" and Picasso "Girl Before a Mirror" and then to write sixty words on the impact of the visual statement - some interesting interpretations presented. A selection of member's work was shared with the group which resulted in constructive analysis and critique, as usual very helpful.
Next meeting on December 2nd to be facilitated by Carole Hershman.

Clonakilty Writers Group 21st October 2010
Laurenza Kelly facilitated this meeting and her opening exercise was the sentence "She was only fourteen....". This was generally acknowledged as literarily challenging at that particular hour of the day. However, when presented, there was, as usual, a wide and unusual expression of the sentence. It was agreed that group "stream of consciousness" writing on the same title demonstrates the amazing differences of imagination.
All members presented prepared work which stimulated much discussion and lead on to broader conversations regarding the content of the work in addition to a critique of the piece itself. 
It is hoped by some members that a collection place (or person) might be established to collate work for a proposed anthology.
Next General Meeting is on Thursday November 4th to be facilitated by Fiona York.

Clonakilty Writers Group 7th October 2010
Clonakilty Writers Group gathered last Thursday under the leadership of Ann Dinneen, who, as an opening exercise gave the sentence "I opened my front door and found..." to be completed in one hundred words. As to be expected there were diverse responses, several of which had similar themes. Written work was presented and discussed as usual with Ann keeping a firm reign on the direction of discussion.
Next General Meeting is Thursday 21st October 11.00 o'clock sharp to 1.00 p.m. or beyond.
The subject for next week's meeting is "An unwelcome guest" or the opening line of "As soon as she saw him she sensed that something was very wrong...." The usual, poetry or prose of 500/600 words. Contact Clonakilty Library on 0238834275.

Clonakilty Writers Group 23rd September 2010
A well proportioned writers group gathered in Clonakilty Library on Thursday, facilitated by Michael Ray. The opening exercise was one hundred words 'without meaning' This resulted in an amusing and thought provoking exercise, highlighting a great diversity of approach.
There were 10 presentations of work by members, three poems and seven pieces of prose
all of which generated some lively discussion. It was agreed to hold a critique meeting the following Thursday. Anyone interested in contributing to this is welcome as long as they contact the participants in advance to obtain reading material for critique.
 The subjects for the next Writers Group on October 7th is: Use a personal Scar as a starting point for a piece of poetry or prose no longer than 600 words.
All meetings run from 11.00 a.m. sharp - 1.00 p.m. and beyond. Further details from Clonakilty Library, 0238834275".

Clonakilty Writers Group 9th September 2010
A condensed writers group gathered in Clonakilty Library on Thursday, facilitated by Nick Smith. The opening exercise was one hundred words of flash writing. The subject was a one-word description of a life experience given by one's seating partner.  The results were a rich and descriptively agile portrayal of some of life's major events. There were  six presentations of member's work which provided ample time for appraisal and discussion. This demonstrated the benefits of a thorough critique which was appreciated by those who contributed. Most members have requested the opportunity to have a comprehensive critique of some of their work. In order to facilitate this, thanks to Clonakilty Library, a separate Critique Workshop is to be run on alternate Thursdays to the regular writers group in the library, starting Thursday 16th September. There will be a maximum number of four presentations per session and the work may be of any length. The Critique meeting will be open to anybody; work to be considered for appraisal must be read before the meeting as it will not be read in its entirety on the day. See for full details and a booking list. The subjects for the next Writers Group on September 23rd are: " was a significant event...", "Under the Stone" or a piece of your own choosing, poetry or max. 600 words prose. All meetings run from 11.00 a.m. sharp - 1.00 p.m. and beyond. Further details from Clonakilty Library, 0238834275".

Clonakilty Writers Group 26th August 2010
A large gathering of writers met once again in Clonakilty Library on Thursday last under the mindful and efficient facilitation of Bob Amberson. The opening exercise, always positive literary stimulation, was to write a short piece to describe a favourite hero or villain; the latter were in the minority and the both groups were drawn, with varying degrees of imagination, from both the world of fiction and non-fiction. Presentations were then given by most members on the previous week's exercise which provoked much debate and good natured critique. The Writers group meets again on Thursday September 9th at 11.00 a.m. sharp in Clonakilty Library. The writing exercise for the next meeting, for those who wish, is 500/600 words selected from either "Visitors", "The Anniversary", ".....and we have a special surprise for you..." or a submission of your own choice. Contact Clonakilty Library on 0238834275 or for further details."

Clonakilty Writers Group Meeting Notes August 12th
There was a large attendance which was facilitated by Jenny O’Hea.  The set opening exercise was to compose a short 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' advertisement which was either thought provoking or humorous. The results showed good imagination and sense of fun. Most members had written at home on headings given at the previous meeting. Both prose and poetry were presented to the members and lively discussion with comment ensued. The library kindly provide tea and coffee half way through the proceedings. New members are always welcome. They meet on the first and third Thursdays each month from 11am to 1pm, at the Clonakilty Library in Kent Street and the next meeting is on August 26th. The themes which have been suggested for this next meeting are:- 'I can't believe what I have just done....' or 'A chance meeting' or  'Clouds'. Alternatively, you may write on a subject of your own choice. Writing can be in any form, appeal to adults or children and be of any length, but usually reading is restricted to 600 words per participant because of time restraints. Come along if you feel that you would enjoy writing in a friendly and helpful group.

Clonakilty Writers Group Meeting Notes, 29th July 2010
Could you write convincingly about someone who was angry or sad without using those or similar words?  That was the task set by facilitator Carole Hershman for 10 members of the Clonakilty Writers' Group at their meeting on Thursday, July 29.  By describing actions, body language, and the use of dialogue, the writers produced imaginative and sometimes amusing pieces of work.  It appeared that anger was easier to write about than sadness.
Next, the participants read work they had written at home on themes suggested at the previous meeting, including two poems, a short, short story, anecdotes about children and a children's story.

If you have always wanted to write but need encouragement and motivation, come to a fortnightly meeting of the Clonakilty Writers' Group.  You will be among like-minded people who find it helpful to share their prose or poetry in a friendly environment.   Writers may bring their own project or write on a theme suggested for them.  It is fun and informal with a coffee-break at half-time, but the group does start punctually and focuses on writing.

The next meeting is on Thursday, August 12 from 11 am to 1 in Clonakilty Library.  Themes to choose from are: a story starting from or including the sentence, "I was shocked when I found out that my new neighbours..."; or "Neighbours"; or "Cats/dogs/other animals I have known"; or "Music".  Work can be of any length but there is usually only time for each person to read out about 600 words, allowing for feed-back from other members (if wanted).

Thursday 15th July
The meeting which took place in Clonakilty Library this week was facilitated by Mary Kennedy. The opening exercise was to write approximately fifteen words on four  given themes which involved the senses. The result was then to be reduced to five words. Examples of member’s responses demonstrated the clarity which might be achieved through serious editing, a very necessary, albeit painful process. There followed members presentations of their own work, both prose and poetry, with diverse and entertaining styles and plots which provoked much round-table discussion. The necessity for critique was very ably presented by Mary Kennedy. The next meeting is 11.00a.m. Thursday 29th July in Clonakilty Library, the title of the project is “I leap over the wall” in any written form, or, to write a story for eight-year-olds and over, having researched beforehand. See Members Projects or contact Clonakilty Library (023884275). Dave Lordan is giving a workshop on Thursday 22nd July from 11.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. Contact Clonakilty Library for reservations.
Thursday 1st July
A large and lively meeting took place in Clonakilty Library facilitated by Allison O'Driscoll. The opening exercise was to develop two initial sentences into poetry/prose, each member contributing two additional lines within a time limit of one minute. The two finished pieces (see Group Work tab) showed that spontaneous writing is not only fun but also a useful way of learning how to write in free flow with no self-conscious restrictions. There were several contributions read by members on "The Sea" and "A Calling" using both poetry and prose. The details of the current exercises can be found in Clonakilty Library or check out for details. Next meeting is on Thursday 15th July 11.00 a.m. all welcome. David Lordan is giving a reading and workshop on July 22nd in Clonakilty library starting at 11.00 a.m. Check Clonakilty Library for available places on 023 8834275."

Thursday 17th June
There were 11 people in attendance, Michael Ray facilitated the meeting. A short workshop exercise was provided followed by members reading a diverse selection of poems and short stories, on the theme of The library and Just be careful what you wish for. Due to the size of the group and time constraints it was agreed to reduce the subsequent readings to a maximum of 600 words. The themes for next meeting on 1st July are: 'The Sea' and 'A Calling'. It was noted that Dave Lordan will be giving a reading and workshop on 22nd July all members are invited to attend please contact the librarian.

Clonakilty Writers Group Meeting : Thursday 20th May
The opening exercise set by this week's facilitator, Moze Jacobs, was to complete the sentence "Writing is...." from a personal perspective. There were six contributors to the Open Floor with essays and free verse which included themes of loss, discovery, and the challenge of relationships. The presentations were enthusiastically appraised and included fiction,poetry, science fiction, memoir and reminiscence. The titles for essays or poetry for the next meeting are "The Rules" and "Party", length 600 words and it is also requested that participants bring ten examples of verbs, nouns and adjectives for the opening exercise. Michael Ray gave details of a BlogSpot set up for Clonakilty Writers to use, the URL is The meeting ran into over-time with a lively discussion on future plans and potential developments of the group. Next meeting is Thursday 3rd June, 11.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. Meetings are free including tea and coffee in Clonakilty Library, contact 023 8834275 for details, all are welcome.

6th May 2010
Facilitated by Mose Jacobs, well attended.
Next meeting Thursday 3rd June 11.00am till 1.oopm

Clonakilty Library
Topic titles: The Rules and /or Party- 600 words max

All welcome

First meeting Thursday 22 April 2010
Thirteen people in attendance, it was agreed to meet next on 6th May.